Can I Be Treated?

If you are experiencing back pain you are not alone.

Did you know?:

  • for every 100 people, 80 will have or have had an episode of back pain
  • 30 people in every 100 have back pain right now
  • and of those, 5 will develop chronic pain.


Can I be treated?

Most back disorders can be treated successfully by Healthy Back Solutions. This includes unspecified back and neck pain, degenerative changes, prolapsed or ruptured discs and post operative situations.

Keeping a healthy back, and preventing and halting the slide into spinal deterioration and chronic back pain, is extremely important. Because once you find yourself with any kind of back pain, a cycle of deterioration is activated.

This is called the Deconditioning Cycle.

To know whether your condition can be treated, you firstly need to see one of our physiotherapists for an assessment.

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Success Stories

Healthy Back Solutions has hundreds of success stories. Below are just a few. These are real patients and their actual outcomes. (Names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy.)


Reduce Pain


19 year old male
Presented with chronic neck pain

  • Lucas had chronic neck pain for many years. This was aggravated by poor sitting posture when studying for long periods of time and he often had disturbed sleep due to the pain.
  • Even though Lucas used both osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment for relief, he found he was unable to play sport when his neck was painful.
  • After starting with Healthy Back Solutions for a six week program, Lucas noticed a decrease in pain within weeks.
  • At the end of treatment Lucas built up enough strength in both his neck and back to support his spine and remove the pressure causing pain, and he is able to play sport again.
  • Today Lucas remains pain free, he practices a sitting posture that better supports his spine, and continues to use the Healthy Back Solutions program to maintain spinal health and continue to increase strength and flexibility.


Restore Movement


42 year old female
Presented with lower back pain

  • Liz came to Healthy Back Solutions with chronic, re-occurring episodes of lower back pain. For the past five years she found it was progressively Tgetting worse and affecting her ability to do the things she loved like play golf and bushwalk.
  • Previously Liz had tried physiotherapy treatment and whilst this provided relief for a few months, she was unable to find a long term solution for the pain.
  • After an assessment of suitability by her physiotherapist for the Healthy Back treatment, Liz entered a 12 week program and attended the clinic twice a week.
  • At the completion of treatment the strength and flexibility throughout Liz’s spine had improved to the point that she was pain free.
  • As Liz did not want to lose the conditioning she had gained, she now follows a home exercise program and will return to the clinic for a follow-up assessment every six months.


Recover From Injury


48 year old male

Presented with disc bulge aggravated due to his job and in constant pain

  • Michael experienced a disc bulge at L4/5 at work and this was aggravated every time he bent forward. This was hard to avoid as a PE teacher.
  • Michael commenced with physiotherapy treatment to initially ease the pain of the disc bulge and then transitioned into the Healthy Back Solutions program to improve strength and flexibility of the muscles supporting the spine.
  • At the end of treatment, Michael was able to stand for longer periods of time without pain and bending forward to did not aggravate the injury.
  • After completion of the clinic program, Michael was set up with a home exercise program. He returned to the clinic for his six month follow up assessment which showed he had maintained his spinal health well however needed extra targeted activity on his spinal muscles to maintain the results he had achieved.
  • Michael will continue with home exercises and supplement them with a maintenance program of one session a week at the Healthy Back Solution clinic.


Return to Wellbeing


75 year old female
Presented with lower back pain and
deteriorating health

  • Beth experienced chronic lower back pain that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage as she had to stand all day at work. Her muscles were very tight and she had a restricted range of movement which, when combined with the pain, meant she was unable to sleep well at night and had very disturbed sleep.
  • Previously Beth had tried various forms of stretching exercises and massage but her condition was getting worse.
  • After entering the Health Back Solutions program on a 12 week treatment plan, Beth’s strength significantly improved and she no longer experiences any pain through the lower back.
  • Beth will return to the clinic for a six month follow up assessment to monitor strength, flexibility and pain and follows a home exercise program.
  • She had been able to continue with the work she loves and now enjoys more energy after a full night’s sleep.

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