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No you don’t. First step is to make an appointment at the clinic for an assessment and this will be with a physiotherapist. Click here for more information getting started.
Yes, all patients are required to undergo an assessment from of our physiotherapists first before entering the Healthy Back Solutions program. Depending on the condition and level of pain, further physiotherapy treatments may be required before moving into the clinic, or continue adjacent to the Healthy Back treatment.

If you have no pain, and are using Healthy Back Solutions for prevention and maintenance, a physiotherapist assessment is not needed.

Healthy Back Solutions programs are either 6 weeks (12 sessions), 9 weeks (18 sessions) or 12 weeks (24 sessions) depending on the level of weakness in the muscle and pain levels.
To get the best results, 2 sessions per week are recommended and once per week for maintenance.
Yes. A qualified exercise physiologist will supervise each session to ensure all exercises are carried out correctly and monitor your progress.
It depends on the condition and how much pain you have at the start and the duration of your existing condition.
A Healthy Back Solutions assessment is approximately $65 followed by 2 x one-on-one sessions at $65. Patients can then go into group sessions which are $45.

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim for the treatment making it extremely affordable.

As your body adjusts to the exercises in the program your muscles may still be sore following each session, however pain should ease over the first few weeks.
We don’t recommend you start any new exercise program during Healthy Back Solutions treatment, and depending on your injury or condition, you may have to stop some forms of exercise for a few weeks.
Through a reduction in chronic back pain and improved strength, flexibility and movement in the muscles surrounding the spine, Healthy Back Solutions can improve health and wellbeing and assist patients to enjoy better wellbeing.
Yes, you will get an improvement in both flexibility and strength.
Healthy Back Solutions suits most back or neck conditions but to determine whether this treatment is right for you, you will need a physiotherapist assessment prior to starting.
Whilst many other back pain treatments may relieve pain with varying effectiveness and duration, The Healthy Back Solutions treatment is unique in that it offers a scientifically-proven program that provides a highly effective, long-term solution. This is very difficult to achieve with any other treatment.

By exactly isolating and strengthening each muscle, according to the exact needs of each patient, and measuring the results at every treatment, Healthy Back Solutions is able to achieve outstanding results.

In fact over 80% of patients report total and long term relieve from back pain.

The difference between Healthy Back Solutions and a gym program is that our program is completely individualised to each patient. The assessment method where we measure both strength and flexibility in each machine is unique to Healthy Back Solutions as well as the feedback system from the machine to the main computer system where patients are guided through both the timing and range of each movement.
No, many of our patients use the machines either just before work or straight after without changing clothes. Not only that, you won’t break out in a sweat or need to shower afterwards. This makes it super convenient.
This is not a typical exercise program! Our patients see results within weeks including reduction in pain, improved movement patterns and posture and increased strength which all contribute to maintaining motivation. The approach we take to improving your overall wellbeing and lifestyle as well as being guided and educated through each session by a qualified exercise physiologist, will provide strategies to continued motivation over the course of the treatment program. It is very rare for a patient to lose motivation to complete their treatment.
We have an proven 80% success rate in significantly decreasing or eliminating back pain in patients who have completed a 6-12 week treatment program.
There are a number of factors that can affect the how long the results last such as the specific condition of the patient and how compliant they have been in maintaining their strength gains following the treatment program through exercise programs, stretching and posture. Results do typically last a minimum of 6 months where the patient should then return to their clinic for a follow up assessment as a method of monitoring their progress.
Yes. The initial assessment and the two following sessions need to be one-on-one with the exercise physiologist and group sessions cater for 3-4 people at a time.
Opening and closing times will vary between each clinic however session times are flexible to suit your needs.

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