How We Treat Back Pain

Did you know that at any one time up to 30% of people are experiencing back pain? Most people, in fact 80% of people, will have episodes of back pain or even worse, chronic back pain during their lifetime.

The spine is a complex structure involving vertebrae, discs, ligaments, nerves, large and small muscles and until now, finding a treatment with consistent and long term results has been very difficult to achieve.

Today, through our leading-edge, tailored treatment programs, Healthy Back Solutions offers a proven, reliable, effective and sustainable answer to back and neck pain.

80% of Healthy Back Solutions patients, who complete their treatment, report significant reduction in their back pain.

How Do We Do This ?

By developing an individualised treatment program that includes accurate movement and controlled loading, finely targeted at the stabilising muscles of the spine, Healthy Back Solutions has proven to significantly reduce back pain. All under the close supervision of our exercise physiologists.

As a patient, this means you can start enjoying improved wellbeing sooner.

Typical results of a 12 week Healthy Back Treatment Program

How Do We Do This?

Reversing the Deconditioning Cycle that is activated when pain occurs is the foundation of the Healthy Back Solutions treatment.

Whatever the reason for your pain, progressive weakening of the muscles supporting the spine places more stress on the damaged area. This starts a vicious cycle – called the Deconditioning Cycle – resulting in an incremental continuation of further pain and loss of function.

Adrianna and Chris

Six computerised machines work on specific areas to increase strength and return of function.

Unfortunately, traditional methods of treatment at this point focus on relieving pain and more often than not, don’t adequately address the Deconditioning Cycle. As time passes, the risk of permanent disability increases.

Deconditioning cycle

Deconditioning Cycle

When pain occurs, weakening of the spinal muscles commences and this places more stress on the damaged area which in turn creates a vicious cycle of deconditioning.

Our job at Healthy Back Solutions is to:

  1. stop the deconditioning of your back in its tracks
  2. reverse the slide into ever more chronic and greater pain
  3. create a Reconditioning Cycle by increasing muscle strength and endurance
  4. develop a maintenance and prevention strategy for your unique situation.

Reconditioning cycle

Reconditioning Cycle

The Healthy Back Solutions intervention

Through the Reconditioning Cycle, reigniting, reactivating and strengthening stabilising muscles of the spine reverses the deconditioning cycle.

When you become a Healthy Back patient..

You will find:

  • There are six different machines accurately targeting specific stabilising muscles of the spine.
  • Each machine is computerised and connected to a central database which records every session against your prescribed treatment and accurately tracks your progress.
  • Every movement is measured and shown on screen giving you instant feedback.
  • This is no quick fix and treatment averages about 12 weeks. Time is essential to create lasting physical improvement.
  • It is very easy to stay motivated!

If you’ve been enduring back pain, don’t hesitate to contact us today for an assessment.

How we treat back pain

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